Reasons Why Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

Why doesn’t your AC unit seem to be working? Why is there hot air when cool air should be blowing freely? Sometimes the answer is deceivingly simple. Believe it or not, homeowners frequently forget to switch their thermostat from heat to cool as the seasons change. If that’s not the reason, here are some other common problems that will cause your AC to blow hot air.

Tripped the Breaker Switch

Your AC is an appliance just like the others in your home, but we tend to think of it differently. However, because of its electricity requirements, it isn’t unusual for a breaker to flip off during a power surge. Check to see if this has happened before looking at other options. If the breaker has flipped, this is a straightforward fix. Simply turn it back on, and your AC should work well again.

Low Refrigerant

Your AC needs refrigerant (or Freon) to cool your home. Sometimes, due to stress or other damage to your unit, parts are loose or cracked, and the refrigerant leaks out. This can be difficult to source because you’re not going to see evidence of the leak like you would with a regular water leak. It happens very quickly. If you suspect this is the case, call in a professional to top you up and inspect your unit.

It’s Frozen

It may seem counterintuitive, but a frozen AC unit will blow hot air. The reason for this is that the coils and other components are frozen, but the motor still runs. The motor generates hot air which is what gets pushed out through the registers. To avoid freezing your unit, don’t turn the thermostat down drastically as the temperature increases outside. Aim to keep it steady at 72°F, which should help avoid freezing it out. To thaw a frozen unit, simply turn it off and wait. It could get messy as it thaws, so have towels or buckets on hand to catch the water. After a couple of hours, it should be sufficiently thawed and you should be ok to go.

Change Your Filter

Are you in the habit of changing your air filter every month? If not, that is very possibly the reason behind your AC malfunction. Not only is a dirty filter energy inefficient, but it can also cause your AC to stop working. Change it every month, just to be safe.

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